Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why do I blog?

I've been asked in different ways and phrases about my motivation in responding to forum posts and more recently about this blog. The simple answer is that I enjoy it. I like writing, helping, and troubleshooting.

Readers of my posts will quickly note the style in which I interact - I ask a lot of questions. This is in part to confirm my understanding of the situation, but also in part to get the reader thinking about the underlying issue. Many times if I don't have the answer these are questions I'd ask myself in the course of resolving the issue.

Whenever possible I like to interject thoughts on larger issues like MS-Exchange principles, messaging design and architecture, and general troubleshooting techniques. I am a teacher-wannabe and enjoy interacting with people who are interested in learning.

My own troubleshooting technique stems from the philosophy that if you understand the underlying structure, you can always figure out the answer even if you've never encountered anything exactly like it before. This actually comes from my old Calculus professor's response to the class whining about having to memorize all the different integral forms. I never did get to that level of understanding in Calculus, but the philosophy works for many other subjects and especially so with computers.

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