Saturday, May 26, 2007

Exchange 5.5 Public Folder Tools

This isn't much of a post, but some people may find it useful. I was searching for the old PFInfo and PFAdmin tools for someone in a forum. All of the hits in my Google searching seemed to be similar queries from people trying to find the old utilities, and no reference to any online sources. The only solutions were that they were supposed to be on the Exch5.5 install CD, or that you had to call Microsoft PSS to get them.

I muddled through and finally came across a reference to our good friends at and I knew I was on the right track. I can't take any credit for this, other than to say I persevered. Hopefully future search engine inquiries will find my post and this old lost tool won't be so hard to track down.

For those curious what the big deal is, the newer tool (PFDAVAdmin) doesn't work with Exchange 5.5. If you deal with Public Folder permissions, I strongly advise you check out these tools. They can save you a lot of time.

Finally, without further ado, links to all the tools can be found at: